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When anyone mentions alox SAKs, most will picture the Soldier, Farmer, or one of the others from the Pioneer series.  This review will deal with their smaller and seemingly less known/popular  84mm siblings...The Cadets and Bantams.

The Cadet is the "flagship" model.  It consists of:
Large main blade
Can opener/screwdriver
Cap lifter/screwdriver/wire stripper
Key ring

As with most SAKs, some of these tools can be put to other uses.
The tip of the can opener works not only on smaller slotted screws, but also on #1 and #2 phillips.  It also serves very well as an orange peeler.  You do this by sinking the cutting edge into the orange's skin and drawing it around to make the cuts.  The cutting edge then can be used to remove the peel and scrape the orange clean.  
The cap lifter has a larger slotted screwdriver that also works well for light prying.  The wire stripper notch is for pulling the insulation off electrical wires, and can also be used for bending or straightening wires.
The nail file does double duty as a "strike anywhere" match striker.  It's nail cleaning tip also works well on small phillips screws, like those found in personal electronic devices.
The key ring gives you several options for carrying the knife.  It can be attached to a key ring, lanyard, chain, neck cord, or have a fob attached.  Many add a small "micro" type flashlight to it.

The Bantam is the ultra light member of the group.  It consists of:
Large main blade
Combo tool
The combo tool serves as a cap lifter, can opener, screwdriver, and wire stripper.  The "corner or "point" that pierces the can lid also works quite well on #1 and #2 phillips screws.  The combo tool is considered by many to be the single most useful tool on any SAK
The Bantam lacks a key ring.  The whole package is VERY slim.  It can even be carried in a wallet.
New models for the fall of 2005...The Cadet II and Bantam II.
These models differ from their parent models by having a small pen blade.  The pen blade replaces the nail file on the Cadet and the combo tool on the Bantam.
If you like to whittle, these models should appeal to you.  
These models all make excellent EDC (Every Day Carry) pocket knives.  All are very slim and practically disappear in your pocket.  The model you choose will depend on your daily needs.
There have been some changes to these models over the years (as well as at least one other 84mm alox model) that go beyond the scope of this review.  If you would like to learn more, visit the SOSAK Forum at