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I rarely use brand new knives for Mods, but I had to do it for this one. I ordered a pair of Cybertool 29s from Nuts4knives at the same time I got my Victorinox Spirit (a great deal, I might add - thanks Rich).

What I was after was a SAK to that would replace the full sized screwdrivers that I normally carry in my Laptop bag; I thought a stripped down Cybertool might fill the bill.

I envisioned a knife with the compactness of a Scientist and the screwdriver bits I need on a daily basis to handle computer case screws.

The resulting knife ended up wider than anticipated. The removal of the cap lifter/can opener layer did not result in a significant reduction of thickness due to the width of the bit holder/bit case layer. I am left thinking that I could have saved myself the trouble and used the knife in its factory configuration.

Here it is between a Cybertool 29 and my home brewed Scientist:

The bit wrench/bit case layer has some specialized parts associated with it. There are two wishbone shaped springs and two special liners.

The special liners cannot be omitted as they form a stop/support for the bit case when it is in the closed position.