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I really like the Victorinox One Hand Fireman model (it’s like the One Hand Trekker, but it has a corkscrew instead of the “T-handle” Phillips and also adds a very sharp serrated “rescue” blade to those on the OHT.) However, the OHF is one of the big 110mm SAKs and it’s just too darn big for me to carry comfortably in my pocket. I have purchased both the Cordura Vic pouch and the old-style Vic leather belt clip pouch for the OHF but I never really liked them.

A short while ago, Tim of FelineVet fame mentioned that Victorinox was going to introduce a new style of leather belt clip pouch for the OHF soon, one with a slick swivel belt clip. I begged him to send me one as soon as they became available and I nagged him periodically to remember to do so. I buy most of my SAKs from Tim because his prices are reasonable, he’s a nice guy, and especially because the net proceeds of his sales go to support a charity that pays for emergency vet care for cats whose owners are unable to pay for their vet care. I have a very soft spot for kitties!

A few days ago I received the new style pouch from Tim, and I must say that I’m really impressed.

The pouch has the Victorinox part no. 4.0523.31 stamped into the leather on the back of the pouch, and the factory label on the box states, "33267 POUCH LTHR LB 3 LYR ROT CLIP". I’ve carried my OHF in the new pouch since the pouch arrived, and it really works well for me.

The swivel is very nicely made, and it has a precise “feel” to the way that it “locks” in position when you change the angle of the swivel. It has a distinctly “Swiss precision” feel!

Here’s how the front looks:

And here’s the back:

The swivel turns both ways, left or right, and it has “stops” where it locks at 45 degrees and 90 degrees in both directions.

Here it is at 45 degrees:

And here it is at 90 degrees:

The clip is attached to the pouch in a clever way, holding it at just the right amount of stand-off such that the top and bottom ends of the pouch don’t bother me when I carry it in the vertical position (in other words, it doesn’t uncomfortably rub my “love handles”!).

You can see the stand-off in this right side view:

And you can see that it isn’t bothering my love handles here:

When swiveled to the horizontal carry position, the pouch rides at a comfortable position relative to the belt, as shown:

The inside of the pouch is simple but highly functional, with a fabric lining to protect the knife. The flap closure is Velcro, as you can see below.

The construction is very sturdy, as you would expect in a Vic product.

The OHF rides very securely in this pouch. There’s no way that it’s coming out unintentionally, as you can see in the following picture. Note that you can carry the OHF with the “eye” at the top of the pouch, so that you can pull the OHF out an inch or so with your thumb and index finger, and then switch your grip to pull the knife out the rest of the way gripping it at the “eye” with your thumb and index finger so that once it’s clear of the pouch you can quickly open the OHF with a “Vic Flick” gesture (aka New York Drop or Spydie Drop).

I found that for me the best position for the pouch for both carrying it and for drawing the OHF and doing a Vic Flick was the vertical position, but I also was able to do the draw-and-flick from the horizontal position as well.

This is truly a nice, well-made pouch and I’m glad to have it. I have already ordered another one from Tim to fit my SwissChamp. I wish they made one for the XLT! ;) In any case, this pouch may well bring the OHF back into my EDC rotation, making the size of the OHF much more manageable for me than before from a carrying standpoint.

Once again, FelineVet has enhanced my SAK addiction, er, ah, umm, I mean, my SAK enthusiasm! I’m grateful that Tim got this pouch to me right away as I had requested. It’s always a pleasure doing business with him, and as always it’s a pleasure to help those kitties!

- Tim