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Read about the SOSAK 2006 Knife Project here, and sign up to buy one.

Last Day to order!

      What began as a lark is about to enter its 4th consecutive year.  As some of you know, in addition to managing a radio station, I sell promotional products.  Back in 2003, I stumbled upon a special deal on Victorinox Deluxe Tinkers.  I thought some others at Knifeforums, particularly in SOSAK might be interested in a logo knife and approached Jim Nowka with the idea.  

      It turned out that the members were not interested in the Deluxe Tinker.  Instead, a vote was taken and the Huntsman was chosen.  It was supposed to be a ruby translucent huntsman, but due to a mix up at the factory we wound up with the loveliest bunch of black knives with silver imprint imaginable!  No worries, though. . . the good folks at Swiss Army Corporate Markets gave us a discount on them. 

      In 2004 it was déjà vu all over again, the membership voted for the Deluxe Tinker in translucent blue.  One significant change was made to the imprint, the year was added and the name of the group was dropped.  The change established the program as the Knife of the Year, as well as, allowed for a larger, clearer imprint.  Thanks to the great photo provided by Defender, you can see that we avoided any miscommunication with the factory.  Take special notice of the nifty tin.  That is one of the special perks that comes from working directly with Swiss Army Brands. 

      In our third year, we were confident of our top-notch supplier, had a very good system for choosing a knife and set a record for the number of knives ordered, 68.  In 2005 the Hiker in cobalt blue was selected. 

      Now we come to this year.  2006 represents a departure from the previous years.  In the past, we have limited the knife choices to 3 ½” models with base prices of less than $40.00.  While most of the knives originally offered as possibilities met those criteria, there was one knife that since its introduction has captured the attention of many Swiss Army Knife collectors and users, the One Hand Trekker. 

      While the OHT didn’t meet the size criteria, it did meet the price and was nominated as one of the candidates.  The other candidate chosen by the membership was the Climber in hunter green.  Voting was conducted this year through , another change that allowed participation by a broader group of members.  The OHT handily defeated the Climber by a margin of 18 votes, 64 to 46. 

      This year orders for the Knife of the Year will be placed through .  The ground rules are simple, anyone wishing to order a knife goes to the site, fills out the provided form.  The price for the 2006 OHT, is $44.95.  Shipping in the U.S. is $5.00 for the first knife with an added $1.00 for each additional knife purchased.  Shipping to all addresses outside the U.S. will be handled on an individual basis.  Buyers in The States are asked to pay upfront for their knives and shipping.  International members should pay only for the knives.  Shipping will be collected once the knives arrive and quotes have been provided.  Orders will be accepted through Sunday, August 20. Only the actual number of knives requested will be ordered.  This is a strictly limited edition and there will only be one printing. 

      As in past years, knives will ship in the order that the orders are received.  Place your order early and be among the first to receive your 2006 SOSAK One Hand Trekker! 

      In addition to the 2006 Knife of the Year, in the SOSAK Shop we are offering a special deal on all remaining stainless steel travel mugs.  Anyone purchasing the 2006 knife, may purchase a mug at 50% off the original price.  Shipping for the mug will be included with the 2006 knife.  This offer is good only while supplies last. 


      Coming soon, a bigger, badder, one hand addition to the group!