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This month we have a bit of a treat from member Raptor660kid who offered us the use of several of his video reviews!

    By now most people should know that I am not a huge fan of single bladed folders.  I realize they have their uses, so please don’t throw anything at me, at least until after you’ve read this!

Ok so we all love our Swiss Army Knives right?  And I’m guessing we all like the green and blue rock we’re sat on too, right?  But you can’t possibly have both; I mean knives are made in dirty, smoky, factories, that are all environmental nightmares right?

    Swiss Army Knives have a reputation for quality, reliability and adaptability- they are known the world over for these qualities, and are found in almost every walk of life as a result.  Because of this reputation, the humble SAK has grown well beyond a simple pocket knife and into it’s own metaphor.

sAs I sit here in front of this monitor I have on my person some 8 knives (actually they are lying next to it because it was uncomfortable to sit).

Who would have thought we'd have made it to three whole years?  To be honest, I never looked that far ahead, which is part of the reason that this site has gone through so many changes over the last three years!  I think they were all for the better, but I might be a bit biased!

Or was it someone else's?  Recently I was sent an interesting story from a member, who wishes to remain nameless for obvious reasons.