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Last month we showed you the Wenger mod done by Scott Kiser at The Knife Co-operative, and this month we have a couple more.  This beauty was done by Tom Meeker, aka Rotokid!

    Credit for this article is a bit involved- I’ve never been thrilled with the “electronic” SAKs that Victorinox started cranking out a few years ago, but I decided despite my personal feelings, I should at least look into them in order to deliver a well rounded look at SAKs.  So, a call to Tim at Felinevet resulted in a used 512mb SwissMemory model, which had obviously served someone well for some time.  The idea of the upgrade came from Master Modder Spork, who had gotten the idea from Vic_Man, the polish came from Rotokid... you get the idea!

Continuing the coverage of the knives that SOSAK members have modded for the Wenger Booth at the Outdoor Retailers Show this month, we have Mike Granborg's entry. 

Many of Wenger's NewRanger Swiss Army knives arguably fall into the multitool category due to having full-size pliers.  The pliers fold out of the knife.  The pliers are a moderate needlenose   (more needle than the Swisstools or the WengerGrip).  When closed, nothing sticks out  (unlike on the WengerGrip or PocketGrip).

Some time ago I mentioned in the SOSAK BLOG that there was going to be a get together of SOSAK and members in the UK- here's how it went, as written by Micky D!

Mike demands nothing less than complete obedience from his lackeys!

    One of the items I first saw at the 2008 SHOT Show in Las Vegas that I was really looking forward to was the introduction of pocket clips on New Ranger models.  For the last few years, folks have been modding various models with pocket clips to keep them handy without wearing a sheath, but this is the first time they’ve been available directly from the factory.

    Thanks to some new stuff from Rotokid, I’ve been able to complete a project that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while.  I’d often thought about layering several strips of spacer material to create a “striped” look to a SAK scale, but the question always was, what to put on top?

    As seen in the USB Reincarnation article this month, Rotokid’s new scale polish is pretty neat, and well worth an article of it’s own!  I decided to write this to show the collectors out there how well it works- unfortunately I’ll probably end up sounding like Ron Popeil through most of it, so please bear with me!