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    If you carry a pocket knife at work, chances are you are putting your career on the line these days.  This is not going to be another post 9/11 type article, as I am just as sick as you are (perhaps moreso) of reading those.  While that infamous day did have a major effect on what we can carry and when, this devolution has been going on since well before then.

    For some time now I've wanted to get one of Victorinox' Canadian flag Classics- probably because I'm Canadian!  Finally, thanks to a SOSAK member pointing out an eBay auction to me, I now have one of my very own!  Sure, I probably could have ordered a brand spankin' new one somewhere, but where's the fun in that?  As mentioned in a previous article (Used SAKs) I like a model with a bit of history behind it!

    One of the neat things about many ALOX models is the nice panel on the back that you can use to put a name or date, initials or place on, anything really to commemorate something, or even just personalize it for someone special.  Hey, you are special, right? 

    One of the neat things I found on the recent trip to Maine was a nice 74mm green ALOX SAK, which I'll admit, I couldn't recall the name of.  I picked it up at Freeport Knife Company for song, despite it being  rare model that was still brand new in the box.  I love treasures like that!

This month our semi-regular contributor Micky D shares his thoughts on Wenger's PocketGrip, aka MiniGrip!

    It may seem like we are beating a dead horse by running yet another look at the knockoff Rescue Tools found on eBay, but after last month's article I go a number of emails asking for more specific differences, and now that I have the fake in my hands (Thanks Neil!), I can post some detailed comparison shots that might help SOSAK members avoid them in the future.

We may never know just how many SAKs were kicking around the set of the MacGyver TV show, but thanks to dedicated SOSAK member DrummerBMac, we now know what model(s) were used in each episode!  Ben made the ultimate sacrifice of sitting through every episode for hours on end, replaying the DVD's over and over again until he managed to compile this list, which will soon be moved to

A special thanks to Ben for his efforts in going the distance for his fellow SOSAK members!