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Readers out there who are familiar with the Discovery Channel show called MythBusters will appreciate this article. For those not familiar with the show, Adam and Jamie find urban myths to test using a variety of experiments and re-creations. Usually they also manage to work an explosion or some large scale destruction, but we are going to have to fall short of that as the SOSAKOnline budget is somewhat less than Discovery Channel's!

Here is a little “how-to” guide to a basic SAK mod on a 91mm cellidor knife, although most of the ideas are the same for other sizes as well.  I suspect ever modder has a slightly different way of doing things but this is the way that works for me with only a few basic tools, as can be seen in the first pic.

As most of you know by now, I have a bit of an interest in the One Handed Trekker model from Victorinox. I swear it was an accident- I never went out of my way to collect OHT variants, it just seemed to happen that way. Well, at least until I noticed the trend... after that it became a bit of an obsession. So much so, I had an article printed about OHT variants in Tactical Knives some time back. Of course it was written several months before it saw print, and much has happened with the line since then, so I felt an update was in order.

We have all seen Def’s growing collection of military knives. He gave me the military bug and it is highly contagious. These Swiss Army knives gave both Wenger and Victorinox their start in the early days. Today, Victorinox can complete the Swiss Military contract in less than two hours of production.

With all the nice, juicy photos of the OHT this month, I'd be remiss if I didn't show off another new toy of mine, the Wenger Ranger 178, which is the Wenger equivalent of the OHT- at least in basic features.

With all due respect to the literally hundreds of models they produce, I have always been partial to what I feel is the handiest tool they make- the ratchet, only available with the bit kit!

A few months ago I showed off my Canadian Flag Classic, and now in all fairness, I should give equal time to my new Canadian Flag Wenger Esquire!

Well, it's been about a year since Def asked me to write up an article about my trip to the Bowron Lakes. Since then I've actually done another trip there, so instead of being redundant, I guess I'll talk about my new trip.

If there was a multitool of the year award (something I have strongly considered doing on then the first year the Spirit was released, it would have taken the top prize. It was perhaps the first multitool that was a “must have” for virtually everyone, and generated more interest and excitement than any other tool had at that point, and perhaps has since.

    Occasionally I get asked what the Secret Order Of Swiss Army Knives name is all about, and while I usually don't like to go too much into detail, as this is a Secret Order, I will take a moment to show you, our devoted members an example of just how far reaching The Order really is.