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    It's hurricane season here, and two weeks ago we were almost hit with Hurricane Bill, the storm that ponded much of the east coast of North America.  Fortunately for us, it turned at the last moment and passes us by with only reasonably heavy winds and a large amount of rain, which caused some flooding in my garage, but nothing I wasn't expecting or prepared for.  Then, a week later we got the tail end of Hurricane Danny, which fortunately was again not a huge cause for alarm, despite being a bit worse than expected.

    One current issue model I have never owned is the venerable Cybertool- I don't know why, I have nothing against them, I just have never owned one until now.  And, I got to kill two birds with one stone by getting a 125th Jubilee Cybertool!

Here is something a bit different. I am going to be comparing two special edition collector Swiss Army Knives. In this short comparison, I will be giving you plenty of photographs, and my personal observations and thoughts. I have yet to see any direct comparison on the net (I am sure it exists, I have just not yet found one), so this could be interesting to a few people.

    The masses have spoken, and the 2009 SOSAK Knife Of The Year has been chosen!  Thanks to everyone who voted, and by a very wide margin the RangerGrip 78 has been selected to be the seventh SOSAK Knife Of The Year!

    Some time ago I managed to obtain some Nite Ize S-Biners from Marc at EDCDepot, and I have to say, I was hooked- no pun intended!  While they are not SAKs, they are great SAK accessories (SAKcessories?) that I feel are well worth sharing!

    One of the, if not the most asked question in all of knife collecting is "how do I sharpen my knife?" or some variation on that theme.  As a result there are almost as many different sharpening doodads on the market today as there are knives.  I have run the gamut of many different types of clamp systems, crock sticks, stones and steels, and I will say they all have their merits.  While they all go about it in different ways, they are all just ways of maintaining a consistent angle when using an abrasive to grind away unwanted metal.

Earlier this week I got this email in my inbox and thought I'd share!

Hi Def,
I have a new set of videos on the victorinox swisstool spirit (reviewing the tool and comparing it with other offerings). I know they are long but I do my best to address any question about the tool for people who are not informed about it. It is also now on my edc and i love it :-).  I was wondering if you can put them up on your site. Thank you for your time. And keep up with the good work on the site.

The other day my wife I wonder how I began to like the Swiss Army knives? And my answer was that when I was 10 years watching a TV series, where his protagonist SAK used a lot out of dangerous situations (Macgyver series).