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It's the time of year for family gatherings, meals, reunions and of course who could forget, arguements er I mean presents. A chance to catch up with those you haven't seen in ages because they live far away, and those that have just joined us and you haven't yet had a chance to meet. This is exactly how this holiday season was for me. It was Christmas eve and I was preparing to head off for one of the many meals at my in laws. I decided it would be prudent to bring at least one SAK with me, but given I had little pocket space in my “dressier” pants vs my normal cargo/combat pants, I had little left over after my keys, wallet and mobile phone. So I decided it was time for my original Minichamp to have an outing, and I slipped it into my pocket and headed on my way.

Fast forward to my in laws, my wife's sister's place. I finally get to meet my 3 month old great niece for the first time and see the weed that is my now 3 year old great nephew. How time flies! Now before supper (this is Spain mind you, and Christmas eve, so supper is around 10pm+) and my great nephew is   playing with a few of his grand father's die-cast cars which somehow magically gain the ability to fly when the doors are open when disaster strikes... the door breaks off one of the old Ferraris that he was playing with. My great nephew was terrified that his grandfather will find out and was hiding it from him, refusing to tell him what happened or show him the car (he already knew, but was playing it tough).

That's when his great uncle stepped in with his Minichamp, disassembled the car, and proceeded to fix the broken door. Within a few minutes, the die-cast was back together and 100% whole again. When my great nephew saw that he was saved from the wrath of a furious grandfather, he came flying across the room to give me a big hug and kiss in gratitude. Just a little story to put warmth in your hearts this holiday season, and yet another tale in the life of this little Minichamp... which was a gift from Grant.

Happy Holidays Folks!