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With all the colored ALOX models we've been seeing lately, does it come as any surprise that there's two more this month? And, if it does, well then be aware that next month, there'll be even more, as I already have at least one new model on order- if you want to get in on it, or for more details, send Tim a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and in the meantime I'll get the juices flowing with some photos of the recent arrivals!


First up is perhaps my new favorite- the Purple Farmer! Purple has always been one of my favorite colors, so when these were announced I absolutely had to jump on them- well, that and I'm a junkie who will likely buy just about anything SAK related!

While it may be a bit lighter purple (more of a violet really) than I would prefer, it's still quite a beauty!

When it comes to the next one, I swore to myself I'd never get as cheesy as to use the line “all that glitters is gold” so don't worry about that old cliché being tossed out here. What we do have, is another Pioneer, this time in a gold colored anodize. It's important to note that it is gold colored anodizing not actual gold- if it was, I doubt I'd have the budget necessary to get one!

And, even though they don't match, I think it goes nicely with the Copper and Orange Cadets, and the VSAKCS Copper Farmer!

On another note, colored ALOX appears to be the current hot button, and I, like many other junkies will continue to buy them up as I see them, but I have to wonder if the result of too much, too fast is going to burn a lot of people out on the concept. I'm always a little leery of flooding the market, making these “Special Edition” knives that much less special.

Not that it will stop me from buying them up, but I need to theorize at least a little to keep people reading!