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Acting on a tip from frequent SOSAKOnline contributor, I managed to get my hands on this beautiful old AMEFA Dutch Air Force Knife from 1965. Tragically when it arrived it was, as are many old knives, rusty and seized shut- I've had nail breakers before, but the only way I could open this one was by using a screwdriver in the nail nicks to pry them open, and even then they put up a good fight.



It's been a colored ALOX extravaganza lately, what with the blue Pioneers and orange Farmers, and this month I'm adding a brown ALOX Pioneer to the collection!

Continuing on with the ALOX theme this month, may I present the Scibeer HAIII ALOX Stalker? This Scibeer custom will be one of the last mods available from Scibeer, as he is retiring from SAK modding. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I not only heave a sigh of disappointment at the end of a SAK modding era, but also when I wish Bill well in the future with whatever he does next. Bill, your mods are excellent, and should you ever come out of retirement, I can guarantee you at least one fan will be lined up!

How did this model get started? How many GI’s came home with Swiss Army knives in their pockets? The basic requirements to survive in the field are right there in your hand. This knife has opened more rations than we could ever count. How many cans of food, oil etc have been opened with the can opener? The screw driver has probably tightened more screws than we can count. The awl? The awl has picked and poked more different things than it was made for. The last and the best tool on the knife, is the bottle opener. Need I say anything more?


Yet another variant of the Soldier models is the elusive key ringed Soldier- a model I have had a somewhat twisted relationship with over the years.