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    Someone once told me, you can't get enough ALOX, and I happen to believe them!  This month we have plenty of ALOX eye candy, what with the Black Wilderness, the Armageddon Soldier and Rick's look at Pre Shield models, and now this one- the Sand Pioneer.

 What do Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis and Steve Buscemi have to do with Swiss Army Knives? Very little, but they have at least one connection that’s worth mentioning them here. In 1998 they all starred in a movie called Armageddon, and sharp eyes SAK enthusiasts were more thrilled with the Victorinox connection to the movie more than they were that a team of drillers were blasted off the planet to destroy a meteorite before it wipes out all life in Earth.

    One of the good things about being me is the “in” I have with getting special models like this Black Wilderness model, the stealthy companion to last month's Orange Wilderness version.  The drawback is, and this applies to everyone, that if one should go missing in the mail as mine did, one is not likely to get a replacement.  I'd resigned myself to having this hole in my collection until another member stepped forward and helped me out.

GaryB asked me to share these videos from Wenger's Youtube Page.  It seemed like a great idea to me, so here goes!

The Huemul is a national symbol of Chile.
It is under threat of extinction.
It needs your help.


On August 5, a news shook Chile and the world, 33 miners (san jose mine) were trapped 700 feet deep in Atacama Desert. Hope of finding alive decreased daily until 17 days after the accident (August 22) the T130 punch made contact with the workshop where 33 miners were alive and after 70 days of a great rescue work began was televised worldwide.


Gary has put together a fourth episode of SAKs on TV for your enjoyment:

    For any of you that may have had some curiosity about the Knife Of The Year project after last month's article, I have assembled a list of all the models we've done in the past.  Initially it was a one off thing in 2003, but the initial run was so successful that when folks asked about another knife the next year, Travis decided to do it again... and again... and again, and the 2010 Wenger EvoWood marks the eighth knife we have done.


Querido Esteban: te paso esta foto, a ver si te interesa para la SOSAK. Se complementa la SAKtivity con el link al video.
La descripción sería:
The Marcelo´s Stag Horn SwissChamp making the job of a BIG knife.
Creo que la foto y el epígrafe son bastante sugestivos y misteriosos, y llevan a ver el video.

Bueno, espero que te haya gustado la idea.

Un gran abrazo,

Now it is time to tug on Superman’s Cape. Grant Lamontagne is my go to guy (Guru) on Swiss Army knives. I have to blame Grant for my need with these wonderfully made knives. I can not imagine the outstanding collection Grant has in his possession. BUT I have the one thing Grant does not have. A 1974 WENGER birthday knife.