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 Ten grand, 10K, dix mille.... no matter how you say it, it’s an impressive milestone and has taken us five and a half years to reach it! Or at least it will, when we get there- as of this writing we are about 9,960 members, meaning we have 40 to go. I have no doubt we’ll hit that very soon. EDIT- This article is out of date- between writing and publishing we buried this landmark!

 According to Wikipedia, an awful lot of things happened in 1974, and while looking through for any particular item I could use to make this article interesting, I came across the fact that I am 8 days older than Joaquin Phoenix- something I never knew before, and still really am not certain if that’s important or not! In addition to me coming into being, starting the chain of events that eventually led to this site, this next knife, a gift from a very generous member, also came into being, and trust me, it’s a lot more interesting than Joaquin Phoenix and me combined!

 Some time ago I published an article on removing scales from a SAK, and apparently it was either missed by most folks or wasn’t any good because the “what’s the best way to remove scales?” is still one of the most commonly asked questions, so I thought it was about time we revisited it.

 I’ve got the Blues again this month, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Why is that? Simple- the Blue ALOX Sea Pioneer, this month’s addition to the ALOX Fan Club!

Who wants a shot at free stuff?  I'm going to guess that just about everyone out there wants a shot at this package!  It consists of a 2010 US Dealer's catalogue with all kinds of neat information in addition to the photos and descriptions of each current model.  This kit also comes with a copy of A Friend In Need, a small booklet which includes all manner of stories in which a SAK has saved the day!  Last but certainly not least is the 2010 Media Kit 1gb SwissMemory Flight model, identical to the one in this month's article!