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     2009 SOSAK Knife Of The Year Voting Begins Now!    

Travis has been working night and day to get us ready for this years SOSAK Knife Of The Year Program, and here is the results, in his own words!

After public and private discussions and a good bit of research, it is time to open the voting for the SOSAK Knife of the Year.

Having received a very generous offer from Wenger and seeing nothing of particular note in the Victorinox/Swiss Army Promo catalog, I am pleased to present the following choices from the Wenger RangerGrip line:

RangerGrip 60 $42.00 plus shipping

RangerGrip 60

RangerGrip 78 $47.00 plus shipping

RangerGrip 78

RangerGrip 178 $51.00

RangerGrip 178

The chosen model will come with the SOSAK logo permanently laser engraved, suitable for collecting or EDC. The knives will be attractively gift/display boxed. The available colors are shown in the links.

Voting is open to all SOSAK members.

Please cast your votes for 1 the options above by sending me a PT (on Voting will remain open for 2 weeks or until it appears that all the votes have been received. Once the voting period closes, I will tabulate the votes and post the winning model.

Once a model has been established, a firm price will be determined and orders taken.

General questions may be posted here for either Grant or myself. Specific questions may be sent to me by PT.

Happy Voting!!

Whether you plan to participate this year or not, I hope everyone will join me in saying a HUGE thank you to Travis for once again stepping up and keeping the Knife Of The Year program alive and kicking!

For additional info on previous SOSAK Annual Knives, please see the entry on!